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July 22nd, 2011

Why your clients need to switch off?

Discover the answer to one of the many questions your clients could ask you when moving into their property – Why do main switches need to be off? Here’s a quick guide so the next time a client asks you this question you’ll sound like an energy industry guru!

Meters and disconnecting power

A power connection relies on a physical connection to the national energy grid which is connected by a fuse usually located in the meter box at a property. When the power has been disconnected from the grid it means that this fuse has been removed and needs to be replaced to restore power.

Why switching off is so important

We all know that if not treated with care electricity has the potential to cause severe harm. It is for this reason your clients need to make sure that the main switch is in the off position. It ensures the safety of the technician who will be attending the property to physically connect your clients to the energy grid and the safety of the property during the connection process. As an example, if the main switch was left on and the technician connected your tenants power there may be appliances inside the property that if left unattended may cause a fire. As the technician does not know what appliances are inside the property they ask this as a precautionary measure which ensures the safety of both life and property. If the main switch is left on when the technician attends to connect supply they simply will not complete the job and another request will need to be submitted for them to return.

The art to finding a meter box and a main switch

Finding a meter box can be a task in itself! Especially when you consider that there are no records to indicate where a meter box is situated on a property. In general, the location of a meter box and main switch does differ from property to property. In some cases the main switch is located in the meter box; in others, the main switch is located inside the property; and, in some apartment buildings there can be two main switches which are located inside the apartment and one at the meter box.

Who’s responsible?

As your clients are the people submitting the request for connection it is their responsibility to ensure that the main switch is in the off position during the proposed connection timeframe.

How does Queensland differ?

Queenslanders they like to do things a little differently and main switches are no exception. If the power is disconnected from supply it is required that the technician physically inspect the electrical connections inside the property before they will arrange to have the supply reinstated. Again, safety is the main concern here to ensure that your client’s electrical infrastructure complies with relevant standards and requires your client or a person over the age of 18 to be in attendance for an appointment.

When not to switch off

In some instances, the power may already be on at your client’s new property which means they do not need to turn their main switch off because the technician will simply take a meter read and send this information back to their retailer to arrange their account.

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